Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day

Jim is a pretty fantastic daddy; I don't know what I'd do without him! 
Jim started his Father's Day by showing off his super power; he is the baby whisperer! I'd been up most of the night with Brig, so Jim took him around 7am and they both went back to sleep for a few hours. Sweet relief! Then the kids and I made him breakfast and gave him gifts before church.

After church, we had a meal, dessert, and movie of Jim's choosing.

Dance Pictures

Annie and Abby had their dance recital last week, and since we skipped their picture day, I decided to take their pictures right before.  Unfortunately, we only had about 15 minutes, so this was a really fast effort!  I think we captured some good ones, though.  (Bearing in mind that I have a cheap camera and am NOT a photographer.)  I'm dumping them all on this post.

Abby was so much more cooperative this year.  Also, I can totally see her wearing red lipstick when she's older.  Ha!


Annie came up with all of her own poses.  I think she did great!

She is looking like a young lady now!  Where did my little girl go?

"I want a picture on the swing."

"Can we both be on the swings?"

We were down to about 2 minutes by the time Annie had this costume on.  Sister pictures weren't so great...

Annie and Logan Sing 'Come Thou Fount'

We recently enjoyed learning 'Come Thou Fount', so Annie and Logan shared it on YouTube.


Logan was exhausted after a camping trip; this was in the middle of the day.

Brig loves to nap with Jim.


Our Christmas gift to the kids this year was a membership to our local science museum because it gives us free admission to other museums all over the country.  Jim and the boys took a trip to Chicago in March, then we took the entire family a couple of weeks ago. 

I forgot to bring my camera on the trip, so I borrowed all of these pictures.

We drove down on a Thursday night and checked into our nice hotel suite (which was just as cheap as a!). 
The kids were super impressed by this atrium area just outside of our room.
Image result for delta hotel chicago north shore

On Friday morning, we braved the Chicago traffic to go to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

The mirror maze was one of our favorite things.
Image result for chicago museum of science and industry

The science storms was another favorite.  Some of our kids were invited to stand in the tornado for a demonstration; it was definitely a highlight!

Image result for chicago museum of science and industry

We also made time to attend the temple while we were there.  (Our hotel was right around the corner from the temple. Yeah!)
Image result for chicago lds temple

Late Friday night, Jim took most of the kids swimming in the hotel pool. We might have skipped it, but Laurel had been obsessed with the idea of swimming ever since she saw me packing for the trip. Throughout the drive and during the day she kept asking if we were going swimming, and we always told her yes.  The anticipation kept her from tears many times, so there was no way we weren't taking her to the pool.  Ha ha!

On Saturday we checked out of our hotel and headed to the Field Museum.  We had our fun, and by the end everyone was wiped out!
Image result for field museum chicago

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Early May

I'm posting picture the SAME week they were taken.  I even have proof because the kids messed with my camera again and put a time stamp on everything.  (Now to see if I can stay caught up.)

I discovered some more new pictures on my camera; this time they were taken by a certain 5 year old.  This one looks kind of neat, though.

Someone gave me a pair of tiny heels for Laurel on Saturday.  When she saw them, she was so excited that she threw together this fabulous ensemble.  She'd been playing outside all day, so her hair was wild and she was covered in dirt.  Looking good little girl!

Abby wanted heels of her own, so I went digging in the tub of girl shoes.  These are too big (Laurel's are too actually), but both girls wore their new heels to church on Sunday.  Ha ha!

Little stud!

Laurel came inside COVERED in a packet of Chick-fil-a sauce that she'd found in the van.  I'm pretty sure her clothes soaked up 90% of it.  Plus, she'd been playing in the dirt.

Me, "You're filthy."  Laurel, "I not filthy.  I LAUREL!" 

This is the 'Mom, don't take a picture of me because I'm too busy' pose.

This is either the 'Mom asked me to smile and I'm really a good kid on the inside' or the 'Maybe she'll leave me alone if I smile' pose.

This girl always likes to have her picture taken.

And this is the 8yo.  Oh, wait!  You don't see anything?  Me either.  This is the 'I won't pose for a picture ever and someday I'm going to wonder why there are no pictures of me' pose.  I tried though.  Alex, we love you, even though we have almost no pictures of you!