Friday, November 3, 2017


We came home with pie pumpkins from the farm this year, so we painted them instead of carving them.

Alex was an engineer this year, and he won the 'Kid's Choice' award during our party.

We made several awards for the costume contest.  Annie won this one.

Laurel was a little fairy.

Abby was a princess.

Logan and I matched as stick figures.

Annie was Raggedy Anne again.

Painting pumpkins...

Alex is obsessed with putting temples on all of his artwork.

Brigham went as Simba.

Since Logan can't have candy, we skipped Trick or Treating and had a little party instead.  We played a game, had a costume contest, enjoyed safe treats, and had friend time.

 The game involved digging prizes out of plastic wrap. 

The Many Faces of Brigham and Some Food

I made ginger carrot soup one day.  It looked just like baby food!  It was surprisingly good, though.  All of my kids devoured it.  Win!

Brigham is so sweet.  He's smiling a lot now, and he's even cooing and giggling some.

I had another beautiful Bountiful Basket last week!

Friday, October 27, 2017


Laurel is obsessed lately with being 'pretty'.  So she's constantly dressing up in old dance costumes, play dress up clothes, and even pulling skirts out of all the girls' drawers.  She takes off her pants almost as soon as I dress her every day because pants aren't pretty.  Funny girl!

Last week, we said farewell to some dear friends who have moved halfway across the country.  We crammed in a lot of extra time with their family during the weeks before they moved.  We're going to miss them!

Brigham is smiling now!

On Wednesday, we had a field trip to a local pumpkin farm.  The best part was that Jim took half a day from work to join us.  It was much more fun (and way easier for me) to have Daddy with us!

Jim's Birthday

Jim's birthday was this month, so we celebrated with a little family party. 

 We played 'Heavy, Heavy, Hangover' with the gifts, had root beer floats, and played a game.

Jim wanted pizza for his birthday dinner, so while the 'normal' half of the family ate Papa Murphy's, Logan, Laurel, and I had homemade pizza on a cauliflower crust.  At least I could say my meal was half vegetable!  :)

Brigham's Baby Blessing

We had Brigham's baby blessing a couple of week's ago.  Jim Sr., Audrey, Cami, and Alan were all able to come.  We had a really great weekend with them!

Jim blessed Brigham in church that Sunday.  His dad, Alan, and a few friends were able to be part of the circle.

Cami was here less than 24 hours, so we crammed in as much fun as possible. 

We played a lot of games that weekend.

Wellness Challenge

We started a wellness challenge with some friends this month.  Jim and I have both developed some bad habits recently and are wanting to work on changing them.  It's going great so far! 

One day, Annie and Logan were inspired to have a plank competition during my workout.  Logan lasted for over 3 minutes and Annie for over 6 minutes!  Wow!

Showing off her side planks.

Showing off his ridiculous couch to bench planks.

Before the last pregnancy I had a good habit of eating lots of fruits and veggies every day, but that went by the wayside once I wasn't feel well in the first trimester.  It feels good and tastes great to be back at it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Beginning of October

This little cutie takes a lot longer to eat than everyone else, so I often walk away while she finishes.  Lately, she's decided that her empty dishes are fun to play with.  They make great hats and even cell phones!  Her hair is never clean anymore...

The kids started art and science classes last week with a little homeschool co-op here.  The first art class was about Van Gogh, and the kids had the chance to mimic his technique.  I think Annie's turned out pretty fantastic!



I realized that I hadn't taken pictures of Brigham in a few weeks, so I attempted to get a good one.  He's seven weeks in this picture.  (And it's the best one I managed.)

This face was too funny. He looks startled or surprised.  :)

While I was upstairs, Abby came to me, "Mom!  I'm teaching Laurel to use the potty.  She's all the way naked!"  So, I came downstairs to discover this.  Laurel really liked sitting on the toilet.  Later, while I was showering, she stripped herself again and had a #2 accident in a carpeted area.  She was really sad when I told her she was all done going potty.